Bachelor of Commerce ( Accounting & Finance )

History :  

       College has introduced the Bachelor of Commerce ( A & F) Course in the year 2007-08. This course provides professional education for those wishing to pursue their careers in the fields of accounting and finance. The dual aspect of major of Accounting & Finance enables students to understand the increasingly complex and critical area of finance coupled with knowledge of the practices of accounting. 

   It has strong emphasis on developing analytical skills and offeres an excellence grounding and professional competence in all aspects of commerce required for careers in the business and corporate sectors.

Aims and objectives : 

  • Brief knowledge about accounting and finance appropriate to stand up in global fields.
  • Able to demonstrate an understanding of the principles of accounting and apply these accurately and correctly.
  • Excellent communications in both written and verbal context.

Students strength :


Results :


Faculties :

  1. Mrs. Kavita Dangle, Co-ordinator

2. Ms. Rohini Yewale, Assist. Professor

Profile of Faculties :


Name : Mrs. Kavita Dangle, Co-ordinator

Qualification :

Publications :

Any others :

Activities carried out by the department Year : 2015-16

  • Orientation programme for first year students
  • 22nd July, 2015 : Organised Seminar on “Careers in Banking, Management and resume building” By Ms. Payal Mukherjee, from T.I.M.E.
  • 23rd July, 2015 : Arranged seminar on “Indian Capital Market and Indian Economy, by Ms. Jyoti Bhudhia from Bombay Stock Exchange.
  • 29th July, 2015 : A aptitude Test organised for the students by CPLC 
  • 3rd August & 8th August, 2015 : Arranged Educational visit to “Bombay Stock Exchange”  Dr. Aditya Shrinivas guided our students and gave information about the working of bombay stock exchange.
  • 17th August, 2015 : Arranged seminar on “E-Comerce, by Ms. Sayee Ravale, from Aptech.
  • 19th August, 2015 : Arranged seminar on “Career Guidance, by Ms. Snehal Vyas, from NIIT.
  • 26th August, 2015 : Educational visit was organised to Reserve Bank of India.
  • 28th August, 2015 : A Seminar on ” Financial Wellbing by Ms. Bind Pandit, from Dirishti Finance Advisors.
  • 3rd Sept., 2015 : Industrial visit to Navneet Publication ltd. at Khaniwade organised by the deparment.


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