Book Bank Scheme

Book bank facility is available in our college since 1982.  In the year 1984-85 Lion’s Club of Mumbai- Kandivili has given a donation for this activity, it was named as “Lions Club of Mumbai – Kandivali Book  Bank “.   At present we have 280 sets of books.

We give complete set of books to economically backward and deserving students who are selected by the Screening Committee. The students are allowed to keep these books till their annual examination.  Last  year i.e. 2013-14 we  distributed  295 Set  of  Books  to  students  from different  Classes.

University  of  Mumbai  is  also  providing  some amount  for  this  book  bank Scheme. Every  year  Lion’s Club also  gives  some  amount  to  purchase  new sets  of  books.  This  way  no  of  sets  of  books  are  increased  every year.