Library Rules


      • Every students admitted to this college eligible to borrow books for home reading.
      • Every student will be issued only one book at a time.
      • Books will be issued only on production of Identity Cards.
      • Books will be issued normally for one week only, borrowing period however can be extended on request provided a book has no demand from other students.
      • Students desiring to borrow a book should submit a demand slip in the prescribed Demand
        Slip a day in advance.
      • Students are advised to submit a fresh demand slip in case books are not available against
        the previous demand slip.
      • In case of renewal of books the concerned student will be required to physically produce a book.
      • Textbooks and prescribed book will be issued to the students only if the concerned students
        are studying in the respective classes and not otherwise.
      • In case of delay in returning the books, overdue charges will be recovered from the concerned
        students at the rate of Rs. 3 / – for the first day of delay and additional 0.50 ps for every following day of late return including Sundays and Holidays.
      • It is responsibility of the concerned students to see that the pages of book issued to them are
        in tact / in order if a book is found to be damaged / spoiled / ink marked etc. at the time of
        return , responsibility for it will rest with concerned students.
      • The timing of issuing and returning of books for the students are as follows : –

A) Between 9.30 am to 12.45 pm for Senior College.
B) Between 12.00 am to 4.30 pm for Junior College.
C) Between 9.30.00 am to 5.30 pm for B. Sc. I. T. College.

      • Identity card will not be treated as valid unless the signed by the Principal and college stamp
        is put on it.
      • In case of loss of Identity card the Duplicate Identity card may be issued on payment of
      • Rs. 50 /- ( Fifty rupees only ) per card.
      • In case of any difficulties, problems etc. regarding library matters, students are advised to
      • see the Librarian and try to get their difficulties and problems solved.