Brief History :  

The Department of Political Science is established since the establishment of College from 1988, it has become a major departement with entire Political Science, under qualified Teaching Faculty.

Special Features :  

  • The students offering major at TYBA Level, Vist Vidhan Bhavan, to observe Legislative  Proceedings, visit BMC Wards and such other activities, may be useful for academic purpose.
  • The Department every year conducts, inter-collegiate workshops for students on syllabus, which help them in enhancing their study.
  • Surveys, especially, during  & after elections, are held, to inculcate emprical research orientation, in the students.
  • Books, Reference books, Journals, Magazines, Encyclopedia etc are available in the Library.
  • 100 % result at TYBA Level every year.

Students  strength ( in general average )                               No.  of  Students

1.  FYBA                                                                                                      Between 30  to 50

2.  SYBA                                                                                                      Between  20  to  30

3.  TYBA                                                                                                      Between  10  to  20

Special papers  :  ( offered at TYBA Level )

Paper IV :  Political Process in Maharashtra

Paper  V :   Political Thought

Paper VI :  International Relations

Paper VII : Political sociology

Paper VIII :  American Political System

Paper IX :  Electoral Politics in India

  • Result of the Department :  2013-14


FYBA     :  Ist & IInd  Semester                    ___    & 78%  approximately

SYBA     :  IIIrd &  VIth  Semester               ___    &  82% approximately

TYBA     :  Vth & VIth  Semester                  78%  & ___  approximately


  • Faculties : 
  1. Dr. Mrs. Aneela A. Gadre

Vice-Principal, HOD,

2.  Mr. P. K. Mishra

Associate Professor



Dr. Mrs. Aneela A. Gadre

Vice-Principal, HOD, Political Science.


Qualification :    M.A., Ph. D. , B. J.
Publications :
  1. Co-author of 11th & 12th books,
  2. Public administration P-III, for IDOL.


Seminar/ Conference / Workshop Attended :
  1. Presented a Research Paper on “ Empowering Women in Higher Educational Institutions” a national level symposium at Modern College, Pune, Sept., 2013.


  1. Resourse Person for a workshop for “Teachers on revised & Credit Grade Based  Syllabus at TYBA Level”
  1. Organised an ‘Inter-collegiate workshop for TYBA students. On the revised syllabus of TYBA in the college.
Any other :
  1. Member of BOS in Politics
  2. Member of Faculty of Arts
  3. Convenor and Chairperson of a Committee appointed for revised syllabus of TYBA Credit Grade and sememter system for Paper IV, VII & IX.
  4. Conducting Personality Development Through Yoga Programme in the college for college students.
  5. Imparting yoga to the rural  people of Agashi & Arnala, Free of cost
  6. Running Vivekananda Kendra for college students.


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