Brief History:

   Department of Sociology started from the time of the inception of the college i.e. from 1979. Initially there were three papers of sociology. Six papers were introduced in 1987. Department of Sociology plays an important role in making students aware about the society and sensitizing them about the various issues in the society.


  • To enable the learners to become critical thinkers, pragmatic communicators and leaders of change.


  • Our Mission is to generate qualitative and innovative teaching, build stronger communities and promote understanding of social forces.


  • To sensitize the students towards social problems and particularly the problems faced by women in society.
  • To develop research skills among the students.
  • To use modern tools and techniques extensively in imparting information and knowledge.
  • To facilitate the development of personality of students.

Students Strength:     52

Special Papers offered:



  • Sociology of work
  • Sociology of Gender
  • Sociology of HRD
  • Urban Sociology
  • Quantitative Social Research.


  • Sociology of Informal Sector
  • Gender and Society in India: Emerging Issues
  • Sociology of Organizations
  • Urbanization in India: Issues and Concerns
  • Qualitative Social Research

Facultie Member:


Mrs. N. D. Mishra                                                                                          Associate Professor

Qualification : M. A., M. phil.

Seminar / Workshop/ Conference Attended / Paper Publication

  • Paper published in National Level Conference on  “Quality, Equality and Innovation in Higher Education” On the topic The Challenges of Higher Education: Vision and Task Ahead
  • Paper published in National Level Conference on  “Liberalized Economy: Challenges and Prospects” On the topic Liberalisation and its Impact on Women Workers in India.
  • Paper published in National Level Conference on ‘Innovative Trends in Economics, Commerce, Engineering, Techonology and Management’ on the topic Role of Informal Sector in Urban Economy.
  • Attended Workshop on the revised syllabus of F.Y.B.A (Sem I & II) at Dnyanasadhana College, Thane on 8th July, 2016.
  • National Level Conference on Re-framing the Environment: Resources, Risk and Resistance in Neo-liberal India organised by Department of Sociology, University of Mumbai, Santacruz, Mumbai.
  • Attended National Conference on “ Transforming Indian thourgh Quality Education” org. by Shri. B. Vartak College, Borivali West, Mumbai on 2nd & 3rd December, 2016.
  • Attended one Day workshop on SYBA Syllabi Revision on 15th, 2016 at Dnyanasadhana College, Thane
  • A  Paper entitled “Women Entrepreneurship: Problems & Prospects” page no. 46-49, published in a Peer Review Journal: The Quest: A Search for Budding Research Talents.  (ISBN: 978-93-5262-269-6)

Position Held :

  1.  Chairperson of Social Science Association
  2.  Member of Admission Committee
  3.  Member of Library Advisory Committee
  4. Worked as a member of Rapporteur Committee for the  National Conference held on 21st & 22nd January, 2015 organized by G.E.S’s B.V. College
  5. Chairperson of Social Science Association
  6. Member of Mentoring of Students Committee
  7. Worked as a Chief Conductor for T.Y.B.A Sem-V University Exam (2015-16)
  8. Paper –Setter, Examiner, Moderator since last five years.
  9. Member of BUCTU

Any other 

  • Nirmala Mishra Submitted proposal for UGC Minor Research Project on the topic “A Study of How Social Media Impacts Children, Adolescents and Families : with special reference to Malad (East), Mumbai-97 on 29th July 2015.



Mrs. Sushila R. Yadav
Assistant Professor


  • M.A. in Sociology and Political Science.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in “Dr. Ambedkar’s Thoughts”.
  • State Eligibility Test (SET) in Sociology.
  • Certificate Course in Human Rights.
  • Pursuing Ph.D from Mumbai University.
  • Publications : Paper Published in ISSN Journal 2279-0632, Title: Informal Sector in India.
  • Paper Published in ISSN Journal 2319-8648, Title: Declining Child Sex Ratio in India: An Issue of concern.
  • Participated and presented a paper in Two day National Conference on “Economic Slowdown and Challenges before Indian Economy” held on 10th & 11th January, 2014, organized by G.E.S. Shri. Bhausaheb Vartak College, Borivali (W).(Title: Global Economic Crisis: Impact on Informal Sector of Indian Economy. ISBN: 978-93-5142-394-2)
  • Participated and Presented a paper in One day International Seminar on “Status of Women in Transitional Societies: Issues and Challenges” held on 25th January, 2014, organized by University of Mumbai Centre for Central Eurasian Studies in Collaboration with B.L. Amlani College. (Title: Female Entrepreneur in Informal Sector: Issues and Constraints, ISBN: 978-93-83072-15-6)

Seminar/ Conference / Workshop Attended :

  • Attended One Day workshop on T.Y.B.A Syllabi Revision pertaining to Semester based credit system organized by Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala College, Ghatkopar (W), held on 13th June, 2013.
  • Attended a workshop on “How to write a Research Proposal” by Arvind Luhar, HOD in Accountancy at Government of Maharashtra’s J.Y. College, Jogeshwari (E), Mumbai-60, held on 30th September 2013 ,organized by GES’s SBV College, Borivali (W), Mumbai-91.
  • Attended workshop on T.Y.B.A Revised Syllabi pertaining to Semester based credit system organized by St. Andrew’s College, Bandra (W), held on 4th Dec., 2013.
  • Attended National Seminar UGC SAP DRS Phase 2 Titled “ Genders, Feminisms and Sociologies in India: Towards a state of ‘Altered-Ness’ held on 29th, 30th and 31st January, 2014, organized by Department of Sociology, University of Mumbai.
  • Participated as Delegate at the “Bandh-Anubandh” the Short-Film Festival on “Relationship” organized by Department of Psychology and Sociology, V.G.Vaze College, Mulund, Mumbai on 4th February, 2014.

Any other :

  • In-charge Teacher of Social Science Association.
  • Visiting faculty for “General Nursing and Midwifery” in Guru Nanak Hospital and Research Centre, Bandra, Mumbai

Result Analysis : 2015-16

  1. FYBA : Sem – I  60.00 %                         Sem – II  70.58 %
  2. SYBA : Sem – III  84.61 %                       Sem – IV  86.79 %
  3. TYBA : Sem – V  46.67 %                         Sem – VI 76.92 %

Result Analysis : 2016-17

  1. FYBA : Sem – I
  2. FYBA : Sem – II                                                
  3. SYBA : Sem – III   Paper – IInd   100 %    Paper – IIIrd   100 %
  4. SYBA : Sem – IV
  5. TYBA : Sem – V  68.75%                          
  6. TYBA : Sem – VI 

Activities done by the Department

  • Inter-departmental lecture was organised on 25th July, 2016 at 8.00 am in Room No. 43 for FYBA Sem- I Sociology students. Prof. P. K. Mishra, HOD, Political Science was invited to deliver a lecture on “Different Political Systems of the World and also on Terrorism”
  • Sociological Quiz Competition was organized on 26th July, 2016 with a view to develop more familiarity with the Basic Sociological Concepts and enhance their sociological knowledge. 22 students participated in this competition.
  • Sociology photo 001
  •  Department Participated in Poster Exhibition on ‘Sustainable Development’ organised by the college on 4th Aug, 2016.  Our Sub-theme was ‘Globalisation and Women’. Its objective was to develop reading and creativity skills among the students.
  • P_20160803_104817     P_20160803_104942
  • An Educational visit to NGO ‘Don Bosco Boy’s Orphanage’ Borivali west was organized on 23rd Jan, 2017 in order to sensitize the students regarding the problems and life conditions of the orphans. 11 students participated in this educational visit.
  • Photo sociology 001   Photo sociology 001 - Copy
  • Screening of Short Movies on ‘Women’s Issue’ was organized on 11th Feb, 2017 with a view to sensitize the students towards the problems faced by women in the society. 15 students attended this programme. Students’ feedback was also collected.
  • P_20170213_091735
  • Paper -reading Programme was organized on 28th Feb, 2017 with a view to enhance reading and presentation skills among the students. The topics for Paper-reading Programme were: – (1) Increasing Suicide among the Youth (2) Development Projects and Human Rights Violation and (3) Inclusive Development. 07 students presented their papers in this programme.
  • P_20170228_082050