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Performance of the Institution

As stated in the Vision of the college, the most important objective is to achieve excellence through high levels of academic, personal and culture success. For this, the focus of activities, both curricular and extra-curricular are aimed at an integrated personality development of the students, finally helping them to face the challenges of the Globalised world.
In order to achieve the objectives of the college, a plethora of associations have been setup in the college. The aim is to inculcate a habit of participation in curricular and extracurricular activities within their stay (of 3-5 years) in the college.
Debate, essay writing, elocution and book review competitions help students to develop creativity, analytical knowledge, capability to comprehend and to find out the solution to a problem. The co-curricular activities supplement the classroom teaching with practical assessment. We relentlessly pursue activities that prepare our students to be ready for contemporary challenges.
The college is actively engaged in organising field visits, industrial visits and NGO visits etc. for data collection about various aspects of human life through samples and surveys. These activities help students to go beyond the comfort of the classroom and campus to the real world while also understanding socio-economic situation of the Nation. This helps them to develop both sympathy and empathy for the people deprived of their basic needs. Industrial Visits help develop an insight about the real situation of the industries, their problems, their predicaments. We endeavour to excel by exposing our students to variety of career options while nurturing their empathy for others.
Activities like Painting, Advertisement, Copy writing, Face painting, and Nail art generate confidence in the students to commercialise their skills for a better living. Our Incubation Centre organises short term courses on candle making, cake baking, chocolate making etc. for the students to expose them to various start up ideas. Some of our students have entered into these businesses, and are inspiring their juniors through the talent gallery platform provided by the college.
College believes in the Gandhian dictum that the real meaning of education is an integrated development of mind and body. College has a gymnasium and gymkhana to support the students endeavour to excel in sports and games. We have received a number of prizes and opportunities of participation at State, National and International level for different sports and games. “Service to mankind is service to God” is the motto of our N.S.S. students. They are constantly engaged in helping the less privileged and to carry out the programmes of national importance like the, “Swatch Bharat Abhiyan”, “Jandhan Yojana” and Insurance schemes. N.S.S. attempts to make people understand the importance of these projects of the government through street plays, songs etc.
These associations hold several competitions throughout the year to develop a competitive spirit among students. This creates a sportsman spirit in the student where they accept defeat, and learn to convert their weakness into strength.