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Commerce Association
Mission / Objective :

Commerce Association is working from the inception of the college. The basic objective of the Commerce Association is to make students aware about the current business world, trade activity and challenges faced by the business world.

Our Team :

Teacher Incharge of the Association
• Prof. Sachin P. Pawar
• Prof. Chandrakant T. Patil Student Co-ordinators
• Divya Kohli, Chief Co-ordinator
• Sneha Angre
• Urvi Manjrekar

Activities :

• Oraganised “Poster Making Competition” on 29th July, 2013.
• Organised Audio Visual Show for students on “Success Principles” on 20th September, 2013.

Achievements :

A large number of students belonging to both commerce and arts faculties participated in different competitions.
It help them for their integrated personality development which is one among the objectives of our mission of the college.

Report ( 2014-15)

The Commerce Association has been working since the inception of the college. It has the basic objective of making students aware about the current business world, and about trade activities and challenges faced by the business world.

This year the Association had the following activities:

An Audio-Visual Presentation ‘Future of Creativity’ was screened. Games based on management principles such as leadership qualities, interpersonal skills, decision making, etc. was organized and a Poster Making Competition with the theme ‘Clean India Mission’ was held.

A unique activity this year was a Short-Film Making Competition organized along with the Department of Sociology.  The films were based on social issues like smoking, drug addiction, corruption, trafficking, etc. Some films also highlighted the importance of cleanliness and other values. The students themselves acted, directed, edited and recorded some of the films, showing exceptional talent and creativity. Over all the activity was a huge success.