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Political Science

Brief History :

  • The department was started in 1980.
  • In 1987, the department introduced six papers.
  • Since 1987, the department is producing around 95% result in TYBA University Examination.
  • The department undertakes various co-curricular activities to sensitize the students toward several socio-economic and political issues.
  • All the activities of the department are planned in such a manner so as to achieve the basic vision and mission of the college.


       Young students are to be trained on philosophy of Indian democracy and the cultural values  of the society, whereby  they would bring  about a balance between the two without imitating the western world  .

           Sincere effort to be made to simplify the complicated terminology of Politics to make it intelligible for the students 


     The Department strives to inculcate civic values, political culture and subject knowledge among the students to ignite the young minds for achievement of a true and perfect democratic society, where fraternity, secularism and justice will be the guiding forces.

 Special Features :  

  • The students offering major at TYBA Level, Vist Vidhan Bhavan, to observe Legislative  Proceedings, visit BMC Wards and such other activities, may be useful for academic purpose.
  • The Department every year conducts, inter-collegiate workshops for students on syllabus, which help them in enhancing their study.
  • Surveys, especially, during  & after elections, are held, to inculcate emprical research orientation, in the students.
  • Books, Reference books, Journals, Magazines, Encyclopedia etc are available in the Library.
  • 100 % result at TYBA Level every year.

Students  strength ( in general average )                                No.  of  Students

1.  FYBA                                                                                               Between 30  to 50

2.  SYBA                                                                                               Between  20  to  30

3.  TYBA                                                                                                Between  10  to  20



Papers offered

  • POLITICAL SCIENCE                                            F.Y.B.A.     Paper I 
  • POLITICAL SCIENCE                                           S.Y.B.A.      Paper II
  • PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION                              S.Y.B.A.       Paper III
  • INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS                        TY.B.A.        Paper IV
  • POLITICAL THOUGHT                                        T.Y.B.A.       Paper V
  • POLITICAL SOCIOLOGY                                      T.Y.B.A        Paper VII
  • AMERICAN POLITICAL SYSTEM                      T. Y.B.A       Paper VIII
  • ELECTORAL OLITICS IN INDIA                        T.Y.B.A        Paper IX


  • Result of the Department :  2013-14


FYBA     :  Ist & IInd  Semester                    ___    & 78%  approximately

SYBA     :  IIIrd &  VIth  Semester               ___    &  82% approximately

TYBA     :  Vth & VIth  Semester                  78%  & ___  approximately


  • Faculties : 
  1. Prof. Mr. P. K. Mishra

Vice-Principal, HOD, Political Science

2.  Mr. Suresh M. Surve

Assistant Professor

Prof. Mr. P. K. Mishra

Seminars & Workshop Attended :

 Convenor  & Managing Secretary of

 one (1) International &

four (4) National Seminars

  Contribution to Corporate life :

  • Professor in charge Students' Council
  • Coordinator of IQAC
  • Organised International, national and state level conference
  • Member of Examination committee
  • Member of Grievance Committee
  • Member of admission committee
  • Member of R T I committee
  • Member of purchase Committee
  • Member of Disciple committee


Prof. Mr. Suresh M. Surve

Publications in 2018-2019

  • Article: ‘A Study of women safety law of India with reference to Mumbai area’: Journal: An International Multidisplinary Quarterly Research Journal. Journal No: ISSN 2277-5730. Publisher :Ajanta Prakashan.
  • Research paper: 1) "Interim Budget 2019”

                                        2) ”To study the needs and importance of yoga and sports

                                                    in education and at work place”

: Journal: Multidisplinary Conference on “World of opportunities innovation and best practice” Journal No: ISSN 2277-5730. Publisher: Ajanta Prakashan.


Departmental Activities

Seminar/ Conference/Workshop Organized by the Department

  • Organized Essay writing competation on 4th Feb 2019 on the floowing topics "Politics and Religion", "Is Media a puppet in the Hands of Politicians?",          "Is India's Foreign Policy Changing under the Leadership of Narendra Modi?" ,"Should Researvation is based on Economic Conditions or Should it be Caste Based?', "Relevance of RTI and PIL in Todays India"         
  • On 7th Feb. 2019 Visit to local police station.
  • On 8th Feb., 2019 conducted pre election survey in Borivali west
  • 23rd Feb., 2019 conducted a Guest lecture on preparation for competitive examination.







           On 7th Feb. 2019 Visit to local police station.




              On 8th Feb., 2019 conducted pre election survey in Borivali west




              23rd Feb., 2019 conducted a Guest lecture on preparation for competitive examination.