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  • NAAC B+ and ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified


Name of Office Staff Members:


  1. Mr. K. D. Bambarkar                          : Office Superintendent
  2. Mr. R. A. Deshmukh                            : Head Clerk
  3. Mr. R. V. Thakur                                   : Senior Clerk
  4. Mr. S. S. Sonawane                              : Senior Clerk
  5. Mr. G. D. Wagh                                      : Junior Clerk
  6. Mr. B. N. Sonawane                             : Junior Clerk
  7. Mrs. A. V. Padate                                  : Junior Clerk
  8. Mr. V. D. Shejwal                                  : Junior Clerk
  9. Mr. K. P. Chaudhari                             : Junior Clerk
  10. MRs. R. S. Kadad                                   : Junior Clerk
  11. Mr. K. P. Kulkarni                                 : Library Attendent
  12. Mr. P. D. Kajale                                      : Library Attendent
  13. Mr. M. B. Shinde                                    : Library Attendent
  14. Mr. G. R. Pawar                                      : Library Attendent
  15. Mr. N. N. Dubla                                      : Library Attendent
  16. Mr. B. D. Mhaske                                   : Library Attendent
  17. Smt. R. G. Dubla                                    : Library Attendent
  18. Mr. P. B. Siddhu                                     : Library Attendent
  19. Mrs. K. R. Bhor                                       : Library Attendent
  20. Mr. S. S. Pawar                                       : Peon
  21. Mr. A. S. Gagda                                       : Peon
  22. Mr. S. S. Dodka                                       : Peon
  23. Mr. B. V. Hadal                                       : Peon
  24. Mr. S. G. Gaikwad                                  : Peon
  25. Mr. V. D. Surve                                        : Peon


Services Provided by Office


Sr. No. Nature of Service Time Required Place Person Concern
      Counter Table No.  
1 Admission Forms Immediate Acc. Section 1 OR 2 Mr. V. D. Shejwal


Mr. P. D. Kajale

2 Fee Receipt Immediate Acc. Section 1 OR 2 Mr. V. D. Shejwal


Mr. R. A. Deshmukh

3 Refund of Fee / Deposit 7 days Acc. Section   Mr. R. A. Deshmukh
4 Information        
a. Students Parents & Outsiders  




           3          - Mrs. A. V. Padate
b. BMS           -         2 Mr. G. D. Wagh
c. B. Sc. (IT)           4          - Mr. G. D. Wagh
d. Banking and Insurance (BBI)            3          - Mrs. A. V. Padate
e. Accounting & Finance (BAF) Acc. Section   Mr. V. D. Shejwal
f. M. Com.             6         - Mrs. R. S. Kakad
5 Consession Forms  



15 Minutes



30 Minutes

            4          - Mr. G. D. Wagh
a. Issue (Blank Form)              3         - Mrs. A. V. Padate
b. Acceptance (Duly compoleted)              -          - Mr. S. V. Kirve
c. Economically Backward Class              4         -  
d. Primary Techers’ Ward              -          2  
e. Secondary Teachers’ Ward              4          - Mr. S. V. Kirve
f. Backward Class Scholarship and Freeship     Mr. A. D. Patil






Railway, ST, BEST, Air Consession.


Acceptance & Issue

Next Day            2








Mr. S. S. Sonawane



Mr. K. P. Chaudhari

Marksheets &  Certificates:


a. Marksheets / Passing             


b. Bonafide

c. NOC Certificate

d. Transference

e. Transcript

f. Duplicate Marksheets

g. Leaving Certificate



Next Day


Next Day

Next Day

15 Days

7 Days

7 Days

3 Days

   --  --
            2   Mr. S. S. Sonawane
             1   Mr. K. P. Chaudhari
             1   Mr. K. P. Chaudhari
            2   Mr. S. S. Sonawane








Mr. S. V. Kirve


Mrs. R. S. Kakad

Mr. R. V. Thakur

8 Work related to Junior College   - 3 Mr. R. V. Thakur
  3 - Mrs. A. V. Padate
9 Examination Forms


a. Issue

b. Acceptance

As per Notice Displayed on the Notice Board Mr. S. S. Sonawane


Mrs. A. V. Padate

Mr. G. D. Wagh

10 Hall Tickets/ Admission Card Isue As per Notice Displayed on the Notice Board
By Order


General Rules of Discipline:

  • Every student must wear the Identity Card around his/Her Neck while in the college Campus.
  • Entry in the College Campus without the Identity Card is trespassing and it is punishable. 
  • Minimum 80% of Attendcance in the classz is compulsory for granting the terms of the year. 
  • Students must be punctual and regular. 
  • Loitering in the corridors is strictly prohibited during lecture time. 
  • Writing on the wall, Benches etc. is strictly prohibited. 
  • Students should maintain decorum in the class. 
  • College property should not be damaged, Smoking is prohibited. 
  • Use of Mobile in the college premises is strictly prohibited. 
  • All Notices will be displayed on Notice Boards for information of students. They should see the Notices Regularly. 
  • Students are expected to form “Q” wheneverthey come tyo the Office or  Account section and maintain proper discipline. 
  • Keep Silence in the Premises.