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Brief History:

Department of Sociology started from the time of the inception of the college i.e. from 1979. Initially there were three papers of sociology. Six papers were introduced in 1987. Department of Sociology plays an important role in making students aware about the society and sensitizing them about the various issues in the society.


  • To enable the learners to become critical thinkers, pragmatic communicators and leaders of change.


  • Our Mission is to generate qualitative and innovative teaching, build stronger communities and promote understanding of social forces.


  • To sensitize the students towards social problems and particularly the problems faced by women in society.
  • To develop research skills among the students.
  • To use modern tools and techniques extensively in imparting information and knowledge.
  • To facilitate the development of personality of students.Students Strength:

Annual Report : 2019-20

Department of Sociology, in-charge teacher Dr. Sushila A.Yadav, and Miss Smriti Parhi, organized various events throughout the year. Department of Sociology organized various competitions to motivate the students and encourage them to take part and expand their horizons. These competitions were open for all the students. The first competition organized by the department was “Book Review Competition” on 28th August, 2019 in which the students had to read an inspirational book or an autobiography, and then had to present the review in front of the judges and audience. The time limit for each review was 10 minutes. The students chose from a wide range of books and all the reviews were beautifully presented; the reviews also had enough criticism. The criticism proves that the students took an effort in not just reading the book but also critically evaluatingthe content. The students worked really hard for this competition and even the judges were fair in their judgement and gave constructive comments. The next competition was the “Power-point Presentation Competition” held on 13th December, 2019. In this competition the students were asked to prepare a power point presentation about sociological thinkers. Students had a wide variety to choose from, for example; G.S Ghurye, Talcott Parsons, Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, etc. The students had to speak about the Sociologists for 10 minutes with the help of Power point presentation. The students explained the Sociologists life and their work thoroughly. The participants were judged fairly. It was a learning curve for a few participants who lacked in some points but the criticism given by the judges was positively taken. The next event was the trip to a distress home on 17th February, 2019 with an aim to sensitize and develop the value of empathy among our students towards geriatric people. This distress home is located in Nallasopara, the name of this place is Snehalaya Elder Care Home- Silver Linings Foundation. This home is situated in a beautiful and serene environment. This home is a host to 15 senior citizens whose children live in another city or country or the people who are working and cannot look after their parents. The people who wish to enroll their parents here have to go through a procedure where a social worker visits their home and makes sure that the reason listed by their children is true. These people who are taken in by the institution are usually suffering from Alzheimer and Dementia. The people working there are professionally trained and they are super friendly with the elderly. The visit was very inspiring for the students who wish to pursue a career in sociology and become a social worker or wish to contribute to the society in some manner. One of our students studying in the Second Year took part in an Inter-colligate Elocution Competition organized by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Adhyasan of Chetana College of Arts, Commerce and Economics, Bandra- East, on 3rd December, 2019. The topic was “Does Indian Constitution Face Potential Threat of Dictatorship?. The participant’s name is Mr. Abhishek Y. Jagtap and he secured Consolation Prize in this Competition and brought glory to our college and department. He worked hard under the supervision and guidance of the teachers and all his efforts were rewarded.

                                                                                                                                        In- Charge Teacher

                                                                                                                              Dr. Sushila A. Yadav






I I 66.66 OCT-2018
     S.Y.B.A          II         III          92.10 OCT-2018
  III III 92.10


TYBA : Result      Sem- V      (Nov., 2018)       62.50%

T.Y.B.A Syllabus revised in the Academic year 2018-19

Special Papers offered:

 Semester - V

Theoretical Sociology (IV)

Sociology of Work (V)

Sociology of Gender (VI)

Sociology of Human Resource Development (VII)

Urban Sociology (VIII)

Quantitative Social Research (IX)

Semester -VI

Anthropological Thought (IV)

Sociology of Informal Sector (V)

Gender and Society in India: Contemporary Debates and Emerging Issues

Sociology of Organisations

Urbanisation in India: Issues and Concerns (VIII)

Qualitative Social Research (IX)

S.Y.B.A Syllabus was revised in the academic year 2017-18

Sem- III

Indian Society: Structure and Change (II)

Contemporary Issues in Indian Society (III)


Sociology of Development (II)

Emerging Fields in Sociology (III)

 F.Y.B.A (Revised in the year 2015-16)

SEM-I Foundations of Sociology

SEM-II Fundamentals of Sociology

Departmental Activities:


Name of Activity Date No. of Students



Inter-departmental Lecture 14th Aug., 2018 06 Total Quality Managemet


Quiz Competition 29th Aug., 2018


 Sociological Quiz


Inter-departmental Lecture 04th Feb., 2019


Perspective on Cyber Crime
4 Guest Lecture 05th Feb., 2019 53

Careers in Sociology

Facultie Member:

 Dr.Mrs. Sushila R. Yadav
Assistant Professor


  • M.A. in Sociology and Political Science.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in “Dr. Ambedkar’s Thoughts”.
  • State Eligibility Test (SET) in Sociology.
  • Certificate Course in Human Rights.
  • Pursuing Ph.D from Mumbai University.
  • Publications : Paper Published in ISSN Journal 2279-0632, Title: Informal Sector in India.
  • Paper Published in ISSN Journal 2319-8648, Title: Declining Child Sex Ratio in India: An Issue of concern.
  • Participated and presented a paper in Two day National Conference on “Economic Slowdown and Challenges before Indian Economy” held on 10th & 11th January, 2014, organized by G.E.S. Shri. Bhausaheb Vartak College, Borivali (W).(Title: Global Economic Crisis: Impact on Informal Sector of Indian Economy. ISBN: 978-93-5142-394-2)
  • Participated and Presented a paper in One day International Seminar on “Status of Women in Transitional Societies: Issues and Challenges” held on 25th January, 2014, organized by University of Mumbai Centre for Central Eurasian Studies in Collaboration with B.L. Amlani College. (Title: Female Entrepreneur in Informal Sector: Issues and Constraints, ISBN: 978-93-83072-15-6)

Position Held :

  1. Co-ordinator of Counselling Centre
  2. Member of Gymkhana Committee
  3. Examiner and Paper setter for Y.B.A University Exam
  4. Attended the Syllabus Revision Workshop for the Revised Third Year Bachelor of Arts, organised by the Department of Sociology in collaboration with Board of Studies in Sociology, on 5th July, 2018, held at Kishinchand Chellaram College, Churchgate.
  5. Attended the Syllabus Revision Workshop organised by Department of Sociology of St Andrew’s College of Arts, Science and Commerece, Bandra (West) in collaboration with the Board of Studies in Sociology, on Monday 30 July 2018 for Paper Vi: Sociology of Gender
  6. Acted as a Subect Expert to do selection of candidates in the subject of Sociology for Self Finance Course, on 7th September, 2018, at Kandivali Education Society’s B.K. Shroff College of Arts and M.H. Shroff College of Commerce, Kandivali- (West)
  7. Acted as a Judge for intercollegiate ‘Short Film Making Competition” organised by Royal College of Arts, Science and Commerece, Mira Road, held on 8th September, 2018.
  8. Organised an Elocution Competition and a survey on the “ Social Media: A Double-edge sword” ( Sept-Oct2018) under Counselling Centre on 25th, 2018
  9. Acted as a Convenor for National Seminar on “Eliminating Violence against Women: Strategies and Legal Mechanism”, held on 29th September, 2018 organized by GES’s Shri Bahusaheb Vartak Arts , Commerce and Science College, Borivali-W
  10. Delievered a lecture on “HIV-AIDs Awareness” on 1st, 2018 orgainsed by RCC and N.S.S on the occasion of World Aids Day
  11. Delievered a lecture on Gender Sensitization on 25th, 2018 at N.S.S Camp
  12. Participated in Sativali Camp orgainsed by N.S.S

Seminar/ Conference / Workshop Attended :

  • Attended One Day workshop on T.Y.B.A Syllabi Revision pertaining to Semester based credit system organized by Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala College, Ghatkopar (W), held on 13th June, 2013.
  • Attended a workshop on “How to write a Research Proposal” by Arvind Luhar, HOD in Accountancy at Government of Maharashtra’s J.Y. College, Jogeshwari (E), Mumbai-60, held on 30th September 2013 ,organized by GES’s SBV College, Borivali (W), Mumbai-91.
  • Attended workshop on T.Y.B.A Revised Syllabi pertaining to Semester based credit system organized by St. Andrew’s College, Bandra (W), held on 4th Dec., 2013.
  • Attended National Seminar UGC SAP DRS Phase 2 Titled “ Genders, Feminisms and Sociologies in India: Towards a state of ‘Altered-Ness’ held on 29th, 30th and 31st January, 2014, organized by Department of Sociology, University of Mumbai.
  • Participated as Delegate at the “Bandh-Anubandh” the Short-Film Festival on “Relationship” organized by Department of Psychology and Sociology, V.G.Vaze College, Mulund, Mumbai on 4th February, 2014.

Any other :

  • In-charge Teacher of Social Science Association.
  • Visiting faculty for “General Nursing and Midwifery” in Guru Nanak Hospital and Research Centre, Bandra, Mumbai

Ongoing Research Work:

Working on a Research Project titled “Career Consciousness among Female Students: A Reflection of Socio-economic and Cultural Background of the Family”, funded by Maharashtra State Commission for Women.